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Microsoft Lync gets unresponsive

Working with Lync can be a pain sometimes … Why not use Skype? Why is Microsoft trying to push so hard to use Lync as Skype for Business vs using Original Skype for Business.  Skype, I feel is a more reliable software and it’s already proven over many years in it stability. I have a lot of Whys when I deal with Lync ….

The Issue/Behavior

For the past couple of days I have been fighting with Lync. After I changed my password for some reason Lync stopped working, at least that’s what I’m thinking caused the issue.  The behavior was each time when I tried to start Lync, it kept becoming unresponsive after 5-7 seconds. So I would have to kill the process and start over.

First thing I checked the Application Logs to see if I could locate anything related to Lync and of course there was nothing, so who knows why it doesn’t work.  The next troubleshooting step for me was to try to repair Lync. My Lync was installed as a part of Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus. For that reason I couldn’t uninstall or repair Lync by itself, at least I couldn’t figure out how to.

I ran the repair process for whole Microsoft Office Suite a couple of times and I still couldn’t resolve the problem with Lync. It continued to behave the same way, after few seconds it continued to be unresponsive. Very bad user experience.

Because the steps above didn’t address the issue I tried to sign out of Lync and Delete my sign-in info. I was assuming by deleting my sign-in info the next time I start Lync it would ask me to provide my credentials, my assumptions was wrong. I started Lync and it automatically signed me in again. I tried it a couple more times and had the same user experience.  On the other side Skype works perfectly fine without any issues. In any case the issue with Lync couldn’t stop me from performing my duties ,however, it sure did make me waste my time.


Long story short and a day after. To resolve this issue I figured I needed to disable IDT High Definition Audio Codec in the Device Manager. Lync had a hard time trying to use it and that’s why it was getting unresponsive.

Right Click My Computer -> Manage -> Device Manager -> Sound, video and game controllers


In the end the issue wasn’t related to Lync itself it just couldn't use the default audio device. Lync's problem is a  user experience and not working properly built in functionality in this case. Honestly, How hard is it to display a descriptive error if something goes wrong behind the scene?

Just in case you stumble upon the same issue I hope my experience will save you time.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.